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Apple iPhone 5S production images surface from China?

Reports that the Apple iPhone 5S are now in production have been flying about and with the build-up to September normally being “Apple leak time” there are now some unverified images form a Chinese website that report to be some production pieces of the next generation iPhone 5S.

The leaked shots show off some broken down images of the incoming iPhone 5S (we think!) but as many of us are expecting the actual look of the phone to be the same as the current iPhone 5 it’s hard to tell if we are looking at the new handset of just a broken down older 5 version.

However with the leak comes some specifications which purport that the Apple iPhone 5s will sport a NFC reader, Fingerprint Reader and a Sharp supplied 4-inch 1136×640 IGZO display for power savings and better image quality. What’s more Apple will be stepping up in the cam department as they 5s will sport a huge 12 megapixel camera on the back with dual LED flash.

Internally the device is rumoured to have similar specs as the current iPhone 5 with the same A6 CPU at a higher clock with improved quad-core SGX 554MP4 but an additional bum in RAM to 2GB.

The iPhone 5S may not be a major change from the current iteration of the iPhone but that is how Apple like to keep their product linup, with 2013 being the year of the minor update and then 2014 will hopefully see a another major update in the form of the iPhone 6.

Many of the features leaked such as NFC and Fingerprint readers were reported in the original iPhone 5 so there is always a chance Apple held off form adding these in originally to give them room for an incremental update to their product.

Much chat has also been made recently about Apple expanding its range of handsets to release a budget version of the iOS 7 running smartphones, but with Apple constant mill of handsets normally pushing the last year’s products down to an affordable price, a budget iPhone device seems an odd choice.

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