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iPhone 5S and 5C confirmed names for Apple’s new phones

September is drawing closer by the day which means we might see Apple’s next iPhone, and according to a report from Japanese website Macotakara, we’ll see Apple’s release will be of the two rumoured iPhones called the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

We have already seen many reports of a new plastic budget smartphone from Apple, plus many leaked images of the colourful alternative to the high priced iPhone range of handsets and 2013 may be the year that Apple officially commits to the budget handset market.

Apple’s naming system is important for the company, which prides itself on its marketing. The naming of the 5S symbolises that we can expect a incremental upgrade on the last iPhone 5 instead of a redesigned device as per the numerical increases (i.e. iPhone 4 – 5).

Historically when Apple releases an ‘S’ version of the phone the handsets keep the same design and but offer slight  improvements on the previous offering including faster speeds, a better camera and faster connectivity. This method is designed to keep Apple fans ticking over until the next major numerical upgrade.

The naming of the Apple iPhone 5C is a bit more odd but it points towards Apple offering a cheaper version of the iPhone 5 and the C is rumoured to stand for colour. Many of the leaked images of the handset have featured different colour casings, similar to the iPod Touch range. The ‘5’ part will be to keep the handsets in line with the current line of iPhone handsets.

Other likely additions to the iPhone 5S are said to include a fingerprint scanner on the home button for login authentication, an improved camera – not an increase in pixels but a better sensor – and even a special gold edition of the smartphone.

Both the handsets are expected to be announced in September, with the 10th being the current rumoured date.

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