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Apple’s iPhone 5C leaked in high resolution images, looks legit

For the first time ever, this year Apple looks set to unveil not one but two new iPhones. Firstly we have the iPhone 5S; an upgraded version of the iPhone 5 with a very similar design. Second, the iPhone 5C; an iPhone similar in size and shape but lower in cost thanks to the use of plastics.

We’ve seen parts, rumours and reports flying about for months now regarding this ‘low cost iPhone’ but finally we have a full set of high resolution images of the phone, which to us look rather legit. They also come from ex-9to5mac­ writer Sonny Dickson, who leaked accurate images of the iPad Mini before its release, so we have a good feeling about this one.

Pictured without the internals and the screen – which is said to be 4-inch and of the Retina display variety, just like the iPhone 5 – the device clearly sports a more rounded white plastic case. If you’re still not getting the picture, think iPhone 3GS evolved into iPhone 5, in terms of the casing.

We can see the Lightning connector, speaker holes and 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom edge of the device, matching up with the iPhone 5 and 5th gen iPod Touch. Although the iPhone branding is there, any mention of 5C isn’t present – we’re assuming the reason for this is that the pictured device is a prototype.

The 5C doesn’t appear to be much thicker than the iPhone 5 and still looks pretty sleek and palm-friendly, which was one of our worries when we first started hearing about a ‘cheaper’, plastic iPhone.

Although we don’t yet know just how much more affordable the iPhone 5C will be compared to the 5S, we know that the main way Apple is cutting down cost is by switching pricy materials such as glass and aluminium for plastic. It’s still unclear whether there will also be cuts in camera quality, memory and other internal components.

Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 5S around September / October, continuing with its annual tradition. We hope to see the iPhone 5C also making an appearance at the same event, but knowing Apple, nothing will be revealed until the last minute.

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