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Apple iPhone 4S Takes U.K Sales Top Spot as Samsung Galaxy SII Falls After 11 Months

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On the eve of a new Galaxy, it’s been reported that last year’s super smartphone offering from Samsung – the Galaxy SII – has finally been eclipsed by Apple’s iPhone 4S as the top selling handset of the U.K mobile market.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is set to be announced at a London event tomorrow and its predecessor was launched here almost a year ago on May 1st 2012. Boasting a 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, new-at-the-time Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and a sleek 8.5mm thick frame, The SGSII earned itself the title of “World Most Powerful Smartphone” – an accolade also reflected in the gadget’s power to command over 20-million sales globally between its release and February 2012.

Courtroom and market rival Apple’s latest contender, the iPhone 4S was released in the U.K on October 14th 2011 featuring a 1GHz dual-core Apple’s own A5 CPU, running Apple’s own iOS 5 with new Siri voice assistant software and of course, that all powerful marketing tool – the Apple logo. The iPhone 4S has finally toppled Samsung’s Galaxy SII just short of a year-long reign at the top.

It’s no doubt a bitter sting for the Korean co., which is just one sleep away from unveiling its newest weapon – the Android ICS flavoured, quad-core packing Galaxy SIII which will restart the battle between the two feuding tech titans.

The Gadget Helpline will start pitting the new champion, the iPhone 4S, against a number of handpicked challengers in our own series of smartphone showdowns in coming weeks. With wicked wildcards such as the HTC One X and Sony Xperia S clawing for the top spot we’re excited to see who’s truly the best!

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