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Apple HD TV sets to launch in March 2012?

An industry analyst has claimed that Apple is likely to launch internet connected TV sets in march 2012, following on from rumour that the company would be looking to converge its Apple TV box into a monitor. It’s a rumour that first sprung up in April, having come about due to slow uptake of the Apple TV set top box.

Global Equities Research’s Trip Chowdhry reckons that Apple will launch three differently sized sets in March next year. Each one will boast 16 speakers for near-surround sound audio, be able to connect to both Macs and iDevices via cable or wirelessly and resemble the 27-inch Apple Cinema Display

The meat of an internet-connected Apple TV would be to have Airplay and iTunes built in, so that users could rent movies, buy TV shows and listen to music via the inbuilt iTunes store. Chowdry says the sets will be most comparable to Bose’s VideoWave web and media TV.

Is Apple likely to jump into the TV market? Or will it stick to what it knows? Let us know your insights on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.

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