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Apple Files Court Injunction To Ban The Sale of Samsung Products In US

Samsung and Apple are still fighting tooth and nail in the courts over patent infringements, leading Apple to file an injunction on Friday which it hopes will ban the sale of four of Samsung’s biggest products in the US.

The Cupertino Company is claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Infuse 4G and Droid Charge smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 all infringe on Apple’s patents. Apparently Apple wants a ban on their sale and a complete halt on their production as well.

While this might seem a little childish, Apple reckons that they are actually holding back and says that when it becomes a problem, they also plan to seek injunctions against the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Tab 8.9.

Not surprisingly, Samsung has dismissed all of Apple’s claims saying that the injunction has no legal grounding and will eventually fall through. This is just the latest episode in what will be a long running spat where both companies have failed to gain the upper hand in the courts.

Apple’s protection of their patents is not only good business sense, but is also a good way to try scupper Samsung’s sales, as their new Galaxy S II has been the top selling phone in the UK for the last 2 months, making it a real iPhone beater.

The Galaxy S2 is flying off the shelves at the moment and is the top selling Android phone – it appears we’re starting to see a real sea-change as Android is eating into Apple’s market share as each month goes by. If we were Apple we’d be worried.

Having beaten the iPhone 4’s sales last month the Galaxy S2 is showing itself as more than a flash in the pan. It’s not all doom and gloom for Apple as they still maintained their second position.

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