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Apple to ditch Samsung as iPad 3 part maker following patent battles?

Apple looks set to drop Samsung as a parts manufacturer on the iPad 3 project reports a tech website today.

We’ve been following Apple’s crusade to get Samsung’s Galaxy range of products banned across the globe including Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1. This is over a supposed infringement of around 23 patents used in Apple’s iPad tech, such as a swipe and screen locking method. The smartphone and tablet have been withdrawn in a number of countries, with Samsung counter-suing on several of the cases.

Yesterday it was reported that Samsung will take the fight to its home nation of Korea and aims to get Apple’s next iPhone offering pulled from sale for ripping off wireless communication tech. This is expected to immediately follow the iPhone 5’s imminent October 4th launch. The filing of this suit would be a massive slap in the face for the school bully, and surely there would be no amicable parting of ways after such a shot.

Samsung was to provide NAND flash memory chips for the highly-anticipated third wave of the industry’s leading tablet, the Apple iPad and the Californians and Koreans have been working together since back in 2007 on the release of the first iPhone. But DigiTimes claims that the partnership has clearly taken a blow from the ongoing legal battles and Samsung’s day on the iPad are numbered.

Waiting to jump into bed with the world’s wealthiest tech company are Toshiba and Japanese company Elpida, who we’re admittedly unfamiliar with but claim to be a leading manufacturer of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) integrated circuits. Interesting times for the future of iPad 3.

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