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Apple roll out iOS 7.1.1 update, but is it much of an improvement?

Ever thought the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on your 5S could do with some improvements? Or that the keyboard responsiveness on you iPhone needs to be addressed? Well fear not, Apple are on the case!

Apple has released an update for iPhone’s and iPad’s to bring them up to 7.1.1. The update includes fixes for various bugs, the software conflict between Bluetooth keyboards when Voice Over is enabled, Keyboard responsiveness and fingerprint scanner improvements for the 5S. As well as general security updates and minor improvements.

7.1.1 is available for people with an iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini or later, and iPod touch (5th generation). It is recommended for all users to download the update, mainly for stability and security reasons. However you will need at least 50% battery power or be connected to a charger at the time, which for most isn’t a problem.

To update your device, just tick the Software Update option in General Settings on the device or connect it to your computer and open iTunes.

For iOS 7.1.1 the most emphasis was placed on improving the Touch ID fingerprint sensor; Apples primary intention was to address complaints that the sensor was unresponsive and that it worsened over time. The update won’t fix all the issues associated with the Touch ID sensor, as hackers are still finding new workarounds, so be warned. iOS 7.1.1 isn’t a sweeping improvement all round, but mainly for the little niggles and glitches associated with the OS.

With iOS 8 about to rear its head, it doesn’t seem likely that they will bring out a new and vastly improved iOS 7. So for any other annoying grievances you’ll have to patiently wait for iOS 8!

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