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Apple Take 52 Percent Of Mobile Browsing Share At The End Of 2011

According to latest stats, just over half of all mobile devices browsing the web were an iOS device.

Numbers show that at the end of 2011, Apple iOS products had a 52.1 percent share of mobile browser traffic.

Of the iOS devices, not surprisingly the iPhone was top throughout 2011; however towards the end of the year, the iPad caught up drastically, and in December there was hardly any difference between the two.

Behind in second place is the Java ME platform with 21.3 percent, and Google’s Android in third place with 16.2 percent. In fourth place was Nokia’s Symbian OS with 5.8 percent and in fifth place was RIM’s BlackBerry OS with 3.5 percent.

After closely inspecting the chart above, you’ll see that although Apple products pretty much dominated the web browser usage the vast majority of the year, in November Apple’s share slid from 54 percent in November, from its peak of 61.5 percent in October.

Now, while Apple dominated the mobile web browsing stats, unfortunately the same can’t be said for its Mac OS. Interestingly, Windows XP had the highest web browsing share with 46.5 percent, while Windows 7 was in second place with 37 percent. In third place was Windows Vista with 8.44 percent. Apple’s Mac OS X 10.7 Lion closed out 2011 with a 2 percent share in December.

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