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App of the Week: Look No Words

Whether it’s for pleasure or for business, going abroad usually means having to try to learn a little about the native language. Well, thanks to an app called Look No Words, we don’t have to worry anymore.

Look No Words is an app for Apple iOS and Android devices that gives you the easiest way to get across to somebody who doesn’t speak your language. You don’t have to spend time reading and practicing simple phrases the night before you go on holiday, you can simply use this app to store anything you might need to ask for in picture form.

Android and iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users can make use of the app, and can use it for a whole host of uses that are bound to come in handy when abroad. The app links in to your device’s camera, which will allow you to populate the picture library with anything you might need to show somebody – for example, you could take an image of your hotel in case you need to show it when asking for directions or a picture of your rental car to help you find it in a large strange car park.

Look No Words contains a library of photos to get you started, with the most frequently asked-for things all there. Ordering food at a restaurant is ten times easier when you don’t have to try to pronounce your meal in another language, and the best bit is that you can fill up the app with images of your favourite meals so that you can always order them wherever you are in the world.

No internet connection is required to use this app, which means no additional roaming charges on your bill while abroad. It’s also pretty lightweight, so won’t eat up your device’s limited storage, nor will it slow things down. Whipping your iPhone out of your pocket and showing a picture can be done in a matter of seconds, saving you minutes of trying to do sign language while speaking slowly in an (often unsuccessful!) attempt to be understood.

Look No Words can be downloaded from the Apple App Store now for 69p, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 5 and also Android fans can also get the App for 69p on Android’s Google Play store.

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