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App of the Week: C-SWOT (iPhone, iPod Touch)

Have you ever needed to make an important decision, be it business or personal, but didn’t really know how to fully evaluate the options? This week’s App of the Week aims to do just that, helping people set targets and evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a project or decision.

C-SWOT, developed by creator P. F. Abifarin, is a very clever little app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with which you can create your own ‘opportunity’ from scratch and evaluate the good and bad to help you make an informed and balanced decision. You can create your own objectives using pre-set ‘themes’ which can be added to or trimmed down to suit your needs. You can also make themes from scratch to tailor an objective to everything you need to assess.

The app is a really simple and smart way to evaluate business decisions in particular, with several popular objectives already loaded in as themes, such as ‘Project Selection’, ‘Candidate Selection’ and ‘Asset Selection’. SWOT analyses are used frequently in business to make important short term and long term tactical and financial decisions and C-SWOT helps you to easily perform a SWOT analysis and get an instant outcome.

In particular we can see the app being used for a brainstorm session in a business environment – especially if used with an iPhone 4S, as it could be ‘mirrored’ and blown up on a large HDTV or HD projector for all to see, using Apple TV. Provided a business or team has outlined its criteria for an opportunity, the app can then be used to easily analyse its strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities and threats.

Once you’ve created your objective and evaluated your options, you can view the results in a neat, colourful bar-chart alongside text analysis which points out the good and bad factors affecting your decision. This makes the app ideal for showing results quickly and easily in a presentation format.

From the home screen of the app you have the option to export your objectives. This area lets you view your list of objectives, open each one up to view as a SWOT chart. The chart can then be wirelessly printed with ease provided you have an AirPrint compatible printer, opened to read as a PDF, or attached to an email and sent off. Thanks to Apple’s easy-to-find sharing menu that’s built into the app, you have a range of options to export your SWOT analysis once you’re finished making it.

C-SWOT brings the important SWOT analysis business tool into the digital era, with the simple app making the process interactive and on the whole much easier than traditional methods. We really like how you can tailor objectives to suit your needs or create a whole new one, and that you can use the app to help you decide on both personal and business objectives.

For just 69p/99c you can get the app now on iPhone and iPod Touch, and it will also work on an iPad or iPad 2. If important decision making is a part of your daily routine, then why not give C-SWOT a go and see how it can help.

Check out C-SWOT in action below, and learn more about the app and what’s to come on their Facebook page.

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