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App Of The Day: BBC News for Android

Everybody loves to keep up to date with the latest goings on in the world, be it sports, technology or world news. So many people have smartphones nowadays which means apps and a way to stay connected all the time, meaning you can get access to the news all the time.

There are hundreds of apps dedicated to bringing you news from certain areas or countries, and on a host of specific topics, but few cover pretty much everything and do it quite as well as the BBC News app.

The app is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Blackberry and is free for everyone. Auntie’s most recent addition to the family is the BBC News app for Android smartphones, and it receives The Gadget Helpline’s seal of approval.

You can tailor the app to bring you news from a huge number of dedicated sections including Sport, World, Health, Politics and of course, our favourite – Technology. You can also choose to receive news updates specifically for your country if you’re based in the United Kingdom.

Open up the app and you’ll be presented with a simple and neat looking interface, featuring the trademark red BBC News banner at the top with the latest breaking news appearing just below. News categories are listed down the page and can be scrolled left or right through to view a timeline of stories. Simply tap one to open it up full-screen, bringing you a full news story with pictures, maps and videos – just like any news story you would find on the beeb’s full website.

Our favourite feature is the ability to set the app to auto-update, meaning you’ll get news updates on the hour – perfect for when there is an ongoing news story that you want to keep up with, such as the London rioting.

BBC News is available now for Android smartphones from the Android Market, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the Apple App Store, and Blackberry smartphones from the Blackberry App World.

Are you a fan of the BBC News app? Let us know what you like about it via our Twitter Page!

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