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Anonymous Facebook Posting App Rumored

Not only has Facebook been pushing its new advertising service for local businesses, but also the social network is rumored putting a new ‘anonymous posting’ app into play, for users to browse the site with full anonymity.

A recent controversy around the site’s ‘real names policy’ – which requires users to use their real names when using Facebook services, has most likely brought on the move. The site is said to be implementing the app as a standalone program, meaning that it will need to be launched separately from traditional Facebook apps on mobile or desktop.

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The New York Times is claiming that the app in question will allow users to post to Facebook with full anonymity, forgoing the need to use the name on their account, instead speaking as a simple, ‘anonymous’ poster. The app is claimed to open up free speech on Facebook, meaning users can use another identity to post and discuss things they may not be comfortable with under their own name.

Of course, like most of the internet, anonymous posting does quite often lead to extended arguments, hate speech and general bickering, as well as trolls trolling on sensitive subjects for a reaction that only they would find amusing. It’s not been said whether the app will be moderated or scrutinized differently to normal Facebook apps, or whether if you get caught trolling on the anonymous service it will impact your main account.

Real names, timestamped posts and location data make some users fearful of being spied on by Facebook. The anonymous posting app could ease fears.

The acquisition of Branch, a social networking service which interacts with Twitter, brought on the rumor that Branch’s head honcho Josh miller has been working on the Facebook anonymous posting app. Sources claim that that may indeed be the case, and that Miller has been working on the app for the best part of a year.

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Whilst Facebook has been pushing for better connectivity between real people recently, the current climate of suspicion of the internet for being not a very private place for users may have brought on the development of the rumored app.

Indeed, the internet is becoming a more difficult place to keep your details safe on, in the wake of government and hacker intrusions into personal data, as well as requests from governments to websites for user details. The app is rumored to be launching in the coming few weeks.

Source: New York Times 

Via: Techspot

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