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AnonPlus Hacked! – Hackers turn on each other after government & entertainment hits

Are hackers becoming tired of easy pickings, the likes of entertainment giants and world governments? It would seem some are now turning their attentions to the challenge of hacking other hacker groups – as AnonPlus has reportedly been pulled following an intrusion by a rival gang.

The collective known as Anonymous recently attempted to invade Google+, setting up the profile “Anonymous Operation” on the new personalised social network. But having gotten the boot, the net nasties set up a home for themselves and an online safe haven for hackers, jokingly titled AnonPlus.

A fellow tech website has now reported that Anonymous, infamous for making a mockery of others in the tech and entertainment world, have in fact been embarrassingly forced to temporarily withdraw their social website following a hack by a group calling themselves AKINCILAR – also the name of an area in Turkey, presumably where this group is based.

Taking down the image of the suited gent with question mark head, symbolic of Anonymous, and replacing the chap’s head with that of a dog, a message was posted:

“We Are TURKIYE. We Are AKINCILAR. This logo suits you more. How dare you rise against to the World. Do you really think that you are Ottoman Empire? We thought you before that you cannot challenge with the world and we teach you cannot be social. Now all of you go to your doghouse.”

Anonymous has since fired back:
“It seems the hacker group AKINCILAR decided we were offering too much freedom for the average person and needed us stopped. This is the most ignorant thing i have ever seen. I knew having anon anywhere in our social networks name might cause confusion but this recent defacement just shows how OUT OF CONTROL the anon sheep actually are.”

Who is AKINCILAR? Is there a “vigilante” movement under way in the hacking community? A hacker group of Watchmen – assigned to saving the entertainment business and world governments from tech-terrorists. Perhaps not. But it’s still a very interesting incident and cause for speculation..

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