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Anime cat ears react to brain activity – Only in Japan!

Mood reacting cat ears? This is cosplay gone mad! If you’re an anime dress-up kid with a taste for gadgets this might just appeal to you. The rest of us might find it a little weird, but without a doubt it’s pretty interesting!  

Neurowear are a Japanese company (of course!) and are touring geek expos demoing a new product called “Necomimi” – a name which simply translates as “Cat ears”. A pair of fluffy, feline lugs sit atop the user’s head and utilising cutting edge neuro-sensing technology the aural appendages actually move in relation to moods.

Feeling a little sad? The ears will read that as brain activity and tilt downwards resembling the gesture of a sullen kitten. If alert and excitable the ears react in kind and stand up just like a perky pussy!

Truly insane. We can’t help but wonder if it’ll come with an emotion reading wagging tail!

We previously wrote about mind-control PC hardware – it seems that the geeks are taking over and sci-fi is increasingly and frighteningly real by the day!

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