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Angry Birds Star Wars ‘Hoth’ Update Now Available to Download for Android, Apple iOS & Windows Phone

Angry Birds Star Wars launched less than a month ago but the feathered Force has blasted to the top ten of the app charts for Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone. Having tackled Tattooine and the defeated the Death Star with light speed efficiency we’re ready for the next Episode! Following on from the paid ‘Path of the Jedi’ bonus pack (which proved a difficult download for some) Rovio has now redeemed itself with the first free update for Angry Birds Star Wars which delivers 20 new levels based on the snowy battlefield of Hoth as seen in the Empire Strikes Back!

The Gadget Helpline has had the chance to play with the new Angry Birds Star Wars stages and we’re delighted to see more of those little details from the film saga which gave the early stages such charm. Introduced in the Hoth environment are the AT-ATs, those mechanical walkers which in this Galaxy Far, Far Away – complete with pig faces and built from the crude structures we’re familiar with from previous Angry Birds games. As well as being able to control the cast of uniquely skilled characters from the previous levels (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca et al) the pink Princess Leia bird is now added to the arsenal.

Leia bird has a trick of her own, in that her beak can project a tractor beam which can be used to pull parts of AT-ATs and assorted structures (as well as the Imperial clad piggies themselves) launching them on a collision course and with a little mastering can be used for devastating attacks! Fans of the Star Wars films will be familiar with the tumultuous climate of Hoth and this is featured in the game with icy winds, slippery slopes and melting ice, which can either help or hinder your Rebellion!

Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth update is now available from the Google Play store, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Marketplace. A word of warning for new downloaders – Be aware that a bogus version of the software containing malicious content is currently orbiting. Check that the app developer is Rovio and the download is coming from a legit source!

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