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Angry Birds hits 200 million downloads

Well those pesky birds have smashed through another wall, only this time it’s not to get to their eggs back from some pigs.

Angry birds first started off on iOS and was an iPhone exclusive game, but with the expanding world of Android, developers Rovio Mobile were quite happy to broaden their horizons. The game is now available over all the major mobile phone platforms, even Symbain and a Windows Phone 7 version is coming shortly. As well as mobile phones there is also a Facebook and a Google Chrome version of the popular bird-flinging game.

The ongoing demand for Angry Birds has catapulted it to the high download numbers we are seeing lately, and brought around 2 other versions of the game – Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, which itself was released to support the animated movie Rio.

So where will these Angry Birds take us next, Angry Birds on the moon maybe? Who knows, but I can tell you one thing – those pigs best keep at least one eye open because wherever they hide, the birds are angry.

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