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Android Wear Features Announced

It seems the only way is on the wrist these days, with the current trend in devices, as we’ve seen across the board from Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and now Google, being the way of the watch. Smartwatch designs, rumors, features, and specifications are all appearing across the internet, with the most prominent being Apple’s iWatch.

But now it seems that Apple themselves may be surpassed by the technology at Google’s disposal, which to some is some of the most advanced available in the tech industry. Google’s own addition to this extensive watch collection has been dubbed Android Wear, and an impressive lineup of features has been announced.

First off, a previously known feature found on the Moto X smartphone, the ‘always listening’ feature, which means as soon as the device picks up the phrase ‘okay Google’ it will begin a Google search your next voice command.

Applications can now use the watch as an extension of the Android platform, allowing information to be relayed between your Android device and the watch. Google has detailed that “favourite fitness apps” will be offering real time speed and distance tracking via the watch.

The most interesting thing is that Google are also about to extend the same software behind Google Glass to as many other wearable devices as possible. The technology will mean all the devices can communicate, and, as applications of the software will be numerous, this means that you might one day be carrying, or wearing, several devices on you at once which are all part of one linked system.

The SDK for the wearable Android software was made available at SXSW Interactive in March, meaning that the Android Wear smartwatch might not be the only wearable Android device in development, although other devices using the OS have already emerged from other companies, such as Motorola’s Moto 360 and the LG G Watch.

Watch this space for more information on Android wearables, as Google is scheduled to make some big announcements at Google I/O, a press event scheduled for June 25-26, 2014.

Source: Google developers @ Youtube.com

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