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Google Image Search gets a tablet upgrade

Google has given its Image Search function for tablets a spruce up, which should make things easier to navigate and increase loading speeds. The update has gone live for any tablet running Android or iOS automatically.

In terms of new features, users looking for pictures will find that the thumbnail images have all been made larger. Clicking on one of the images once will now instantly load it up in full screen, as opposed to the system that’s been in place thus far where a further touch was needed to make the image appear in full size. The loading speeds have noticeably improved across the board here.


Underneath that, Google has implemented a small panel showing the website that the image is from. This is kind of a reverse in focus, as the image now takes precedent. Clicking on the information panel just once will take you to that web page.


Probably the best new feature is lazy load. While you can still swipe between image results while viewing them in full size, Google has made it so that the thumBnail results view continually loads as you scroll down.


Google’s mobile search page has traditionally required you to click on multiple pages to see more, so the implementation of an infinitely loading stream of pictures definitely goes down well in our books. There’s nothing to install here: Google’s update should now be live on your Android or iOS tab. If it’s not, Google will roll it out over the coming week. Let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.

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