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Android invasion! Google’s mobile OS now on 130 million gadgets

Google has revealed the full extent of the Android invasion – with 130 million mobile gadgets worldwide acting as host to the Google OS. It’s also been said that on average 550 thousand new Android handsets are activated every day, that’s 50 thousand more than a month ago.

Represented by its familiar little green mascot, Google’s Android operating and application system began life in October 2008, not quite 3 years ago. Its current rate of growth is infectious, said to be 4.4% per week, with six current versions in distribution across a range of smartphones and tablets from a number of manufacturing companies from Samsung to HTC. The newest version 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich” will follow the dessert-themed titles to be released later in 2011.

Apple still lead the takeover with a reported 200 million active gadgets using its iOS platform – but with 30 million new Android user in under 3 months it may be time for the Cupertino co. to check over their shoulder – The little green ‘Droid is right behind you!

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