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Android Device Manager App now Available on Play Store

Google has released a mobile app version of its Android Device Manager which will allow users to track and trace their Android smartphone if lost or stolen, from another smartphone.

Naysayers will say that an app that is designed for lost phones is a bit useless, especially as you can’t use an app if you have lost your phone, but the Android Device Manager which debuted back in August is a great service that can be used on any handset providing you have the Google Account login details that are associated with the lost Android device.

The Android Device Manager app is now available free of charge in the Google Play Store for all Android users and with the app you will be able to Locate, Block and Call your smartphone when not with the device, provided you have access to another Android phone or tablet.

The app is mostly useful when a device has been lost or stolen as users can track the last known location of the device, and for extra security users can block and also wipe their device to ensure that their data can’t be unscrupulously pinched by others.

Handsets running the Android Gingerbread firmware and above will be able to use the service that until today was only available to Desktop users. Unfortunately those on older phones running  Android 2.2 (FroYo) and below won’t be able to use the app, though the percentage of devices now using that old software is pretty low.

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The app gives access to all the same features of the Android Device Manager website, just in a mobile-friendly form.

We provided a full guide and breakdown of how to use the Android Device Manager Service a few months back and for anyone who has an Android phone, we recommend checking out the service and now the app.

You can download the new Android Device Manager App from the Google Play Store here:

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