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Android App arrives for Google Docs

Obviously not wanting to be left out of the Android app party, Google Docs is the latest Google product that has now has a dedicated app – which in fact adds some neat and useful features.

Google Docs has had a mobile friendly version for a while now; however I’m guessing there has been demand from users wanting to see the mobile version adapted into a dedicated app with extra functionality, and this is exactly what Google have done.

So what has Google done to make this app more useful? Well, apart from obviously being able to handle all your usual documents, the stand-out feature is that Google Docs for Android has built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which will allow you to scan pretty much any document using your smartphone camera and then instantly edit the document.

Google has said the OCR feature will not work so well with handwriting, or certain quirky fonts, although the search engine giant has promised that it will improve this feature over time.

If you want to give the new Google Docs app a go, you can head on over to the Android Market where it can be downloaded for free now.

If you do decide to give it a go, remember to leave us your comments below on your experience. Or if you want, tweet us instead @Gadget_Helpline

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