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AMD describes Xbox 720 graphics as “On a Par with Avatar”

Despite not being officially announced as a manufacturing partner for the next Xbox console, graphics and processor giant AMD have weighed in on what the new console may be capable of.

In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, AMD’s Director of ISV Relationships Neal Robison has spoken about the graphics potential of the next gen console from Microsoft. He says that the Xbox 720 (as it has been dubbed for now) will be capable of graphics similar to the effects seen in the blockbuster movie Avatar.

AMD have not confirmed themselves as a partner for the next Xbox console, but we’d go as far as to say this is close to confirmation. With a senior AMD rep talking up graphics capabilities in the Official Xbox Magazine, we would be inclined to think that AMD would be providing the graphics power for the console.

Avatar-style graphics would spell a pretty big leap for gaming, with crystal clear and super sharp animation being the traits of James Cameron’s animated movie. One of the main selling points of Avatar was the quality of the 3D version – could Robison’s quote point towards 3D gaming with the Xbox 720?

It’s likely we have under a year to find out for sure, as rumours are heavy surrounding Microsoft’s E3 appearance next year. Many are hoping and expecting the new Xbox 720 to be unveiled at the gaming expo in Los Angeles next year. We can’t wait.

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