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Amazon website redesign underway ahead of tablet launch

If you’re going to launch a tablet, you’d better have a website that’s ready for it. According to reports, that’s exactly what Amazon is up to – although we don’t mean simply putting the device into a section on the site: we’re talking a full website redesign.

If the reports are to be believed, Amazon is trialling a complete refresh of its international websites, that should not only focus more on the company’s digital products, but also be more usable for customers browsing on a touchscreen device.

Amazon’s Sally Fouts said: “We are continuing to roll out the new design to additional customers, but I can’t speculate on when the new design will be live for everyone.” Our guess would be that the redesign is primed to go live just prior to the rumoured Amazon Tablet’s launch… although exactly when that is remains to be seen.

By making a website that’s completely geared up for touch navigation – bigger buttons, in line text, less white space etc. – Amazon could set the store as its tablet’s main content hub. Are you excited about the Amazon Tab, or should the company stick to the Kindle? Let us know on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.

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