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Amazon Studios Signs Up Bill Murray For Web TV Show – But Sadly It’s Not Zombieland

When you’ve got the likes of Netflix and YouTube creating unique web-based television shows and you really need an A-List upper hand, who you gonna call? None other than retired Ghostbuster, Bill Murray obviously! And despite, the 62 year old Hollywood veteran’s status in the next picture in that particular series being in question he’s willingly signed up for Amazon Studios newest series called Alpha House.

Alpha House will feature 11 episodes and Bill Murray will co-star alongside fellow movie and TV funny-man John Goodman of Roseanne and Flintstones fame. When completed the show will air on a section of the online retailer Amazon’s website dedicated to its own produced content through the Amazon Studios brand.

Amazon’s bold new move follows Netflix, who’s own studio has recently produced a political thriller serial called House of Cards which stars Kevin Spacey and is directed by David Fincher who also directed movies such as Fight Club, The Social Network and the American remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

We’re sure anything starring Bill Murray and John Goodman can only lead to success for the retailer come online entertainment brand but with the headlines reading that the legendary actor would be joining an Amazon Studio’s project we were hoping that his name would be appearing next to another in-the-pipeline series – Zombieland.

The 2009 viral outbreak comedy featured Bill in a very memorable and very funny scene, and the movie is to be adapted into a web series by Amazon Studios in the coming months with the original writers on board but with main characters recast, Kirk Ward taking on the Woody Harrelson role of Tallahassee.

With a pair of exciting series in the works with Alpha House and Zombieland, Amazon Studios is set to make a strong impression as online exclusive television becomes the new way to view in 2013.

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