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Amazon launching game download store for UK

Amazon is preparing to expand their online media empire yet further with the addition of an online store for downloadable video games.

The store, which is already live in the U.S., will give customers access to a library of downloadable PC games via Amazon’s website. Working much like the Amazon MP3 service, you pay for your game via paypal or payment card and download your content straight to your PC.

Amazon have established this service in the U.S. after first making games downloadable in 2009, but they may still struggle to take on the might of Valve’s Steam platform which has been providing online gaming and downloadable content for much longer.

“Amazon can use its retail muscle to draw attention to PC digital downloads and even upset the established order, where Valve sits at the head of the table.” a rival retailer told MCV.

According to reports from MCV, Amazon had originally planned to launch the service in April of this year, but have suffered several setbacks. The service is currently being tested and is due to go live in the UK this Autumn.

Amazon will be able to add games to their growing list of online content services, including music, video, movies, games, apps and e-books. With such a massive online presence they could pose quite the threat to Valve, who currently has an online library consisting of hundreds of game titles for both PC and Mac.

Game for digital downloads or do you prefer to buy the hard copy?

Via: MCV

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