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Amazon to Launch Several New Kindle Fire Devices Very Soon

Online retail giant Amazon may be gearing up to launch much more than just the Kindle Fire 2, according to Staples CEO Demos Parneros.

Mr Parneros dropped the proverbial ball recently when he let out that “five or six tablet SKUs” are expected to be added to the Staples inventory in the very near future. Reuters took the opportunity to share Mr Parneros’s slip-up with the tech world.

Amongst the five or six Kindle Fire devices expected to land at Staples, the CEO is certain that a 10-inch model is one. This echoes previous rumours that we’ve heard of three new Kindle Fire tablets launching – two 7-inch models and one 10-incher to rival the likes of the iPad and Transformer Prime.

A second iteration of the Kindle Fire is expected to be amongst the new devices, sporting an improved screen and better build quality. Although the Staples CEO didn’t care to elaborate on any of the other devices, we’re pretty certain that Amazon won’t be launching five or six individual items. We reckon there will be two or three new tablets, which will come in Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G flavours.

Although we’ve heard rumours of a large smartphone coming from Amazon, it’s doubtful that a retailer such as Staples would be stocking it, let alone within the coming months.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has rocked the tablet world, in the US at least. Now that Google and Asus have hit back with the popular Nexus 7, and Apple is reportedly working on an iPad Mini, we can see the company coming back with something new very soon – watch this space.

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