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Amazon to Launch Front-Lit Kindle Touch eReader in July

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Having only just released the new Kindle Touch in the UK, Amazon is looking keen to keep the production wheels turning on for its Kindle range, with rumours coming in that the company is currently testing out a new front-lit Kindle Touch eReader so book fans can finally do away with those pesky reading lights.

A source from Reuters has claimed that a prototype Kindle with a front-lit display currently exists, and says that the new version could be hitting our shelves in the coming months, maybe even as soon as July.

The eReader will likely be the same frame and shape as the current Kindle Touch and will come in Wi-Fi only and 3G versions, the same as its not-so-bright brother.

We reported back in March that Amazon will be launching a further three new Kindle Fire tablets this year after the U.S release of the original Kindle Fire Tablet. The online giant also has plans to launch several new Kindle eReaders, one of which will possibly be the new front-lit Kindle, followed by the much rumoured Amazon Kindle Colour.

However, with an increasing number of pretenders coming along to the eReader and Tablet reading party it will be odd to see Amazon release more minor updates to their range instead of focusing on a smaller, powerful range of devices.

As per usual we will keep you posted on any updates here at Gadget Helpline, so check back soon.

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