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Amazon Kindle Update Coming with Parental Controls and Comic Features

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Amazon has announced that they will be bringing a new update to its base line of Kindle eReaders that will bring a new reading experience to the Kindle devices, with parents and children in mind.

The update will be sent automatically to Kindle accounts and will be updated on the devices if they are connected via Wi-Fi. The update will include a new higher contrast font that Amazon claims makes its Kindle experience a more authentic paper-book experience, plus a new parental control functionality which will allow parents to control what their children will be able to access on the Amazon store, archived items and also what can be seen on the experimental web browser.

Were not quite sure what adult content you would be able to get up on your E-Ink display but we can guarantee that it would be an odd experience for anyone who wants to try!

Its not all nanny state features though, as the update will also include new kid-friendly software that will support children’s books with Kindle text pop-up art and layout comic books in a new panel view, so the viewing will be similar to physical comic books.

Finally, the update will have Kindle Format 8 which will change complicated page designs and formats into a better laid out page, making the reading experience better for those books.

The update will be coming to all of the base level Kindles (priced at £89) in June and will be available as long as you have a decent Wi-Fi connection. The Kindle store will also receive and update of Kindle Text Pop-Up and comic books also during the same period.

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