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Amazon ‘Kindle Fire’ tablet to launch September 28th?

It’s spent a long time worming its way through every corner of the rumour mill, but the Amazon tablet may finally be upon us. Well… tomorrow, at any rate. Word is that the device will be unveiled on September 28th, and will be dubbed the Amazon Kindle Fire.

These new details come courtesy of TechCrunch, who claim to have played with the Kindle Fire a few weeks back. They told of a seven inch machine looking quite similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Amazon’s tab is likely to come with a customised skin running over Android 3.2 (Honeycomb).

Both the Gadget Helpline Blog and the internet as a whole are stumped for further details, although word from industry analysts is that Amazon will be selling the tab at a massive loss in order to woo customers, and in hope of regaining cash through in-tab sales of books and apps. This price is suggested to be somewhere along the lines of £199.

Will you be picking up an Amazon Kindle Fire? Let us know your thoughts on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.

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