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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Becomes Official and Known as Kindle Fire 2012

Online retailer turned eReader pioneer Amazon has unveiled what we all had come to expect at its Santa Monica press event this afternoon and after months of rumour the second generation Kindle Fire has emerged – However, it won’t be known as the ‘Kindle Fire 2’ as the Gadget Helpline and other online tech newsies speculated as being its obvious sequential title. It will actually be dubbed as the ‘Kindle Fire 2012’.

2011’s Kindle Fire was an evolution on the now classic Kindle eReader, delivering not only digital digests and ebooks but also using a custom version of the Android operating system it also let it’s lucky American owners enjoy content such as movies, TV and app games which would be downloaded directly from the Amazon App Store. Sadly it never followed its earlier sibling over seas and when talk emerged of the App Store launching here in Blighty and finally arriving last month we saw a glimmer of hope that the alleged successor might be hitting our shores.

The next revision looks to take the same idea and enhance it – a lot. Amazon’s multimedia tablet computer should have Google watching its back, delivering twice the whallop of last year’s original Kindle Fire with 1GB of RAM, improved processing speed and performance. It’s also claimed that the Kindle Fire 2012 will also undercut the big G’s Nexus 7 tablet by around forty dollars when it launches for sale in the United States next Friday, the 14th of September costing $159.

Despite our fingers being tightly crossed, there is no news on whether or when the Kindle Fire 2012 will turn up here but we hope now that the tablet has gone official we might soon get some indication from Amazon that the Nexus troubling tablet is coming our way.

It’s been a busy few hours for Amazon and in the same breath as announcing the Kindle Fire 2 the company also revealed the arrival of the 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD, as well what was rumoured to be a backlit edition of its eReader which has actually become a frontlit version named the Kindle Paperwhite, and they have also knocked the classic Kindle down to just $69 in the USA.

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