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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 May Be Coming to the UK in December

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After yesterday’s news that Amazon may be working on a newer Kindle eReader with front lit screen technology, more news is coming today stating that Amazon may also be releasing its next Amazon Kindle Fire tablet device in the UK in December.

Us Brits are yet to get our hands on the original Kindle Fire tablet as it was only released in the US, and but it’s now looking likely that Amazon will be bypassing the UK altogether with its Kindle Fire Tablet and will just be hitting us with the second generation version.

The reports come from Reuters and state that the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will be an 8.9 inch version tablet based on the Android OS and will be coming to the UK just in time for the Christmas period. The original Kindle eReaders have been a massive Christmas favourite for the past few years so it’s no surprise that Amazon would like to keep that going with a new product launch this year.

The Kindle Range L-R Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire

News and specs for the follow-up device have been pretty scarce but it’s rumoured that the tablet will be priced around £200 (which is a discount price) and will come in two sizes as 7 and 8.9-inch tablets.

As per usual there has also been talk of Apple releasing a smaller iPad device in time for the Christmas 2012 rush, which will also have an eye on the growing eReader market that Amazon are currently taking advantage of, with many people preferring the sub £100 Kindle readers to Apple’s £400+ iPad.

The Kindle Fire 2 will sport many tablet features such as music and video playback and streaming and possibly even social media integration.

Hopefully Amazon will announce some further information on the Kindle Fire 2 in the coming months.

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