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Amazon Kindle gets Audiobooks upgrade

On a day dedicated to the release of the latest Apple behemoth the iPad 2, Amazon has gone and unleashed a small update to its own eReader the Amazon Kindle which will allow users full access to 50,000 Audible audiobooks for direct download via Wi-Fi.

Kindle now with eBooks

Partnering up with Audible, Amazon kindle owners can now download over 50,000 audiobooks directly onto Kindles everywhere through Wi-Fi, unfortunately the downloads are not available via 3G due to download limits but turning your eReader into an Audiobook player is never going to be a bad thing.

It’s a great improvement on the previous USB, Load, Play like a music track and for those looking to get started for the first time, the Audible are offering a 30-day free trial of AudibleListener Gold.

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