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Amazon invites press to Event on 6th September – Kindle Fire 2?

Amazon has sent out press invites to a secret even on the 6th September where its will hold will hold a press conference in Santa Monica possibly announcing a new range of Kindle devices.

The invite itself is very plain with just the company’s logo and the words “Please Join us for a press conference” on the front of the. It’s a simple affair which leads to lots of speculation, but the first point of call may be the release of the rumoured Amazon Kindle Fire 2.

We also suspect that Amazon will be launching a new standard Kindle eReader but this time the device will come equipped with a backlight for low light or dark reading environments.

Back I July rumours were spreading that Amazon were set to launch a Kindle Fire 2 device in September with the rumoured product featuring a 7-inch screen with a higher resolution of 1280 x 800 and the table its based around the Android OS and costing just $199 in the US.

There are also rumours of a 10 inch version but apart for the larger screen, a more powerful quad-core processor and a front-facing camera, microUSB ports and HDMI-out jacks.

The week is a busy one for announcements as Nokia and Motorola are both holding events that week and then Apple reportedly taking to eh stage on the 12th of Sept to announce the next in line for the Apple iPhone range, the iPhone 5.

So it will be a very busy week for all of us and the companies releasing info.

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