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Amazon to announce an Android Smartphone later today

The clock is ticking away today and we are patiently awaiting the Amazon press event that the company has scheduled. We’re hoping to see what the next big step will be for the Kindle range of devices, but it would seem that Amazon is branching out further than we expected with a possible Amazon Smartphone!

News is coming in from The Verge that Amazon have created a new Android-running smartphone modified for an Amazon-specific user interface, which is normally seen on the Kindle Fire tablet device.

Apparently “multiple sources” have confirmed to The Verge that the long-rumoured smartphone foray from Amazon actually exists, but it is said that the new Amazon phone is far from finished, despite the strong possibility that it will be announced at today’s event.

Recent speculation has revealed that Amazon will be working with Nokia to provide mapping software for a new device, but with the Amazon Kindle Fire running off the Android OS it has been speculated that this partnership would benefit the Fire rather than a new phone.

This may still be the case for Amazon as the company is rumoured to be releasing a new Kindle Fire 2 Android tablet today as well as a previously leaked new Kindle Paper white backlit eReader.

We will have more information for you later on today when Amazon takes to the stage.

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