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Amazon Android Smartphone Could be on the Way

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News is flooding in across the tech world today stating that internet giant Amazon is looking set to release its own Smartphone in the coming months, with production already starting in the Foxconn factory in Taiwan, which is well known as the manufacturer of Apple’s range of products.

Amazon has taken some steps away from the internet shopping business in recent years and has been highly successful with its Amazon Kindle range of eReaders, and more recently the Kindle Fire Android tablet, so it would seem logical that the next step for the company is to release its own smartphone.

Other rumours surrounding a Amazon device is that patents for wireless technology have been filed the likes of which would be used in a new Smartphone from the manufacturer.

The Kindle Fire runs Android OS

The news comes direct from Bloomberg, where they state they have been in contact with several of the Foxconn employees and “two people with knowledge of the matter” have confirmed that they are working on a branded Amazon phone.

If there is such a device coming to the market you have to wonder what sort of operating system it will run, but with Amazon previously using Google’s Android OS for its Amazon Kindle Fire tablets in the past and already having its own Android App Store it would seem that Android may already be the frontrunner.

If Amazon do create a smartphone you can guarantee that the device will be heavy on eReading, Music and Video, with a huge emphasis on social and gaming aspects, as these are areas the website will benefit from the most.

As per usual we will tuck this away in our rumour pile and wait to see if anything becomes official, stay tuned!

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