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Aluminium Nokia Lumia ‘EOS’ teased as May 14th event looms

Nokia has teased us with a close-up image of a brand new phone which we’re presuming it will reveal at the May 14th media event in London. By the looks of it we’re seeing a new Lumia phone with Windows Phone 8 on board, and it’s likely to be the Lumia ‘EOS’ or ‘Catwalk’ model that we’ve been hearing about.

Interestingly, the tantalising details were revealed through a TV campaign here in the UK over the weekend. Whilst giving very little away, the ads focussed on a slightly protruding camera lens and a dual flash module just below it. The tagline “more than your eyes can see” was used, hinting at a new camera sensor that perhaps uses an extortionately high number megapixel count – perhaps the 41 megapixel PureView sensor that Nokia used in the PureView 808. Nokia debuted the oversized sensor on the Symbian phone as a sort of proof of concept, and is yet to bring anything similar to its Windows Phones, despite many rumours pointing towards plans to do so.

That of course matches up with the rumours we’ve been hearing in recent months, with a handset called the Lumia EOS featuring a class-leading camera said to be in the works at Nokia HQ. We’ve not heard any real specifics to go on, but it’s likely that Nokia will out-do itself again, stepping up from the impressive camera tech in the Lumia 920.

The phone is also rumoured to be the first to step away from Nokia’s bright and colourful polycarbonate plastic casings – it’s said to be all metal, and crafted from a block of aluminium. The phone shown in the adverts is indeed silver in colour, which matches up with one of the only leaked images of the device. Although Nokia’s range of colourful and well-made plastic Lumia devices have seemed to please the public, a slick and sturdy metal construction could give this phone the edge over the plastic Galaxy S4 and put Nokia in line with the likes of the iPhone 5 and HTC One in terms of build quality.

We’ll find out for certain what Nokia has in store on Tuesday, when its media event kicks off in London. Stay tuned for the next Lumia…

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