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Adam Sandler vs Pac-Man in First Trailer for Pixels

The first footage from alien-invasion, video game inspired comedy flick Pixels has dropped today. But before you turn away thinking this is another run-of-the-mill flaccid Adam Sandler rom-com, you might want to check out the epic trailer which features a host of classic computer game favourites including Pac-Man!

The premise for Pixels is pretty bonkers and over thirty years after NASA sent a time capsule into space containing items of popular culture including video games of the 80s the aliens have at last responded – by attacking Earth! However they haven’t come as themselves and instead appear to be embodying avatars based on a number of classic computer game characters. In the trailer a giant Pac-Man is seen causing mayhem and munching his way through a city and Nintendo legend Donkey Kong has also scaled a building and is launching explosive barrels.

Adam as a former video games champion of a bygone era, teams up with a rival player, the mullet-wearing Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones’ Tyrion Lannister) and Kevin James – a regular in Sandler’s films and the President of the United States (you heard right) and together they stand up to the threat which also includes sprites from arcade classics Centipede, Pong and Space Invaders.

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You can almost overlook recent Sandler flops such as Jack and Jill or That’s My Boy when you see these live-action characters appear on screen next to impressive looking CGI versions of some of the greats in gaming history and in one charming scene Pac-Man’s original designer Toru Iwatani is seen trying to calm his rampaging ‘son’ – but we’ll let you watch the trailer to find out how that turns out!

Pixels will be released by Sony Pictures Entertainment this Summer.

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