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Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE to release Windows Phone 7 handsets

Along with the Mango update, Microsoft has today announced three new hardware partners for the Windows Phone 7 platform: Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE.

The three new handset manufacturers join the initial three of Samsung, LG and HTC. With those three already providing the top line of WP7 handsets, it seems Microsoft have partnered specifically with these 3 manufacturers to bolster the mid-range and entry level Windows Phone devices.

ZTE typically have a history of making budget mobile phones, more recently some budget Android handsets. Acer typically doesn’t focus on the mobile phone market, only releasing a couple of handsets each year. Finally, Fujitsu have been out of the mobile phone market for some time now, with only a hint of a return recently when we saw the Dual-OS Loox handset.

Finally, Microsoft also announced that its other new WP7 hardware partner Nokia, will be producing handsets preloaded with the new Mango software.

We’re excited to see some new and interesting Windows Phone handsets later on this year and next, are you?

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