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7th Gen iPod Nano to Return to Long Shape, Add iTunes App

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Apple’s decision to make the iPod Nano short and square may be short lived, as reports are now suggesting the Cupertino Company will revert to the long and thin shape of the 4th and 5th generation models.

Reports from Japanese tech site Macotakara contradict previous leaked images we’ve seen of a new iPod Nano casing that stays the same size and shape as the current 6th gen model, but adds a rear camera. According to their reliable Chinese source, the 7th gen iPod Nano will revert from the square shape back to the oblong model.

The website claims that Apple’s next iPod Nano will be a little shorter in the body when compared to the 5th gen model, but will be thinner – possibly as thin as the latest model of iPod Touch. It’s also thought that the new Nano will have a home button just as the iPhone and iPod Touch do, situated just below the screen.

Apple dropped the clickwheel in favour of a touchscreen with the 6th gen iPod Nano, and it seems that this decision will stay, signalling the end of the clickwheel on the Nano. Only the iPod Classic will still feature the navigation method that has been around since the first iPod, and that has already survived rumours of a cull last year.

The Cupertino Company only gave its iPod Touch a minor bump last year, leading us to believe that Apple will give its iPod range a big overhaul later this year. A new iPod Nano seems a cert, and a new iPod Touch to match the new iPhone could also be likely. Apple should reveal any new products at one of its signature Music events this autumn.

The image above is a 3D render done for Macokatara by digital artist Taiyo Fujil. While it’s not real, it looks pretty neat – what do you think?

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Via: Macokatara

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