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Exclusive Voucher for £50 off Canon EOS 700D at Curry’s

Good news to anyone looking to break into the amateur photography gig this Christmas, or looking for a last minute present for someone who is… The good people over at Curry’s have kindly sent us an exclusive code to hand out to our readers. This code entitles the user to £50 off of the Canon EOS 700D, but you better act fast as it expires at midnight tonight (8/12/14).

Not sure if the 700D is for you? The Canon EOS 700D is part of Canons “Beginner” range, alongside the EOS M, the 1100D and 100D, the 700D is the superior of the group. The Cannon EOS 700D comes with touchscreen, dedicated video record selection, as well as a hybrid AF system. The benefit of the digital touchscreen as well as being incredible easy to use when changing through the setting is that it gives 100% FoV (field of view) whereas the viewfinder only give 95% as is the case with many SLRs.

With the Canon EOS 700D you know what you’re getting. The imaging is great from a camera that’s a pleasure to use and approachable for those beginners who want it to do everything for them, through to those looking to use the manual controls it has on offer.

There are other great models out there from Cannon and its competitors but with £50 off it is a steal so head over to the site here, and enter this code: 700D50 (it’s the fifth camera on the list)

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