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4K Sony Bravia X9 TV priced ‘aggressively’ at £4K in the UK

4K for £4K – sounds too good to be true, right? Sony’s latest Bravia TV features 4K technology and is priced at £4,000 in the UK, making it the most affordable option if you want to grab a slice of the latest telly tech.

The new Sony Bravia X9 has been priced ‘aggressively’ according to Sony, in a bid to encourage more people to adopt the new 4K technology. Four grand is still a lot to spend on a TV, but when you consider that most 4K TVs from the likes of Panasonic and Samsung cost upwards of £12,000, it’s a bit of a bargain.

If you’re wondering, that much dough will secure you the 55-inch Bravia X9. If that’s not big enough for you, a 65-inch version will also be available for £6,000. Both feature a stylish circular silver stand and built in “Magnetic Fluid” speakers that are visible down the left and right edges of the panel itself.

4K TV is the equivalent of four times Full HD, which is the current standard you’ll enjoy when watching a Blu-ray. It offers a super sharp resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, compared to the 1,920 x 1,080 of Full HD. Images are brighter, sharper and more vivid and sound is better, too.

Before you jump at this bargain of a 4K TV, it’s important to remember that right now there’s very little content that can take advantage of such a high quality screen. 4K movies aren’t available to buy and your Xbox or PS3 won’t play games in that quality, unfortunately. That said, content is coming – New Blu-rays that are ‘mastered in 4K’ are on their way this summer, and new Blu-ray players and connected devices offer 4K upscaling.

The Sony Bravia X9 will be available in the UK through select retailers in the next few weeks.

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