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Do 3D phones serve any communications purpose?

The latest range of LG and HTC phones are of the 3D variety. The LG Optimus 3D and the HTC Evo 3D have had slow starts to their lives, but interest in the new technology is on the rise as other manufacturers look to jump on the band wagon in the near future.

The idea of 3D phones is an intriguing one but do the introductions of such features mean that the true function of the mobile phone – talking – is being neglected? Today’s phones have high-powered processors, high-resolution cameras and, consequently, high desirability, but this may well mean that they are being used far less for talking and much more for entertaining.

Granted, there is only so far a manufacturer can advance the technology of calling, so it is only natural that they should respond to consumer demand and develop other areas of their devices. This is indeed a great advancement, since users can have a number of different functions on one simple-to-use device, but it seems that mobile phones are primarily entertainment devices now.

The communications aspect of mobile phones will never be completely lost, since there are other devices that are designed purely for entertainment. It is perhaps being neglected more by mobile users than mobile manufacturers.

Communication does not have to be restricted to making phone calls, though, as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have given people a brand new way to communicate. In this sense, then, mobile communication is still rife, if not more so than it has ever been. Many people use their internet-ready mobile phones to access these sites more than they use their phone to make calls.

So, if this is considered a form of communication, then today’s phones do still serve a communications purpose, but they have extra a focus elsewhere. 3D capabilities, powerful cameras and even some mobile phone accessories just serve to enhance the experience for the user. 3D phones, it seems, serve more of an entertainment purpose than they do a communications purpose, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are poor phones.

They are – and they have to be to support the 3D functionality – incredibly powerful pieces of technology. They have dual-core 1.2GHz processors, dual 5MP+ cameras, 1GB memory and high definition screens to keep their users happy, but they will always be communications-oriented devices. The more snazzy functions and gadgets you get in that package, the better.

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