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Poll reveals most Brits aren’t into 3D cinema ‘gimmick’

It’s been revealed in the results of a YouGov survey that 41% of Brits aren’t blown away by the new wave of 3D TV and cinema, and we’d have to go with the majority on this one..

Out of the 3000 asked, the research company also discovered that 47% said that 3D improves nothing or completely ruins films at the pictures and only a small handful, 22% in fact, actually said they thought the 3D improved the overall cinema-going experience – clearly these people didn’t watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

It’s a hot topic in the office here,with  most of us being fanatical about our films. Common complaints about the 3D gimmick – and referring back to POTC4 – include the darkening of the picture through the mandatory shaded specs, something that cinema tech boffins are yet to master.

52% of those asked said they’d watch more 3D if the faddish cinema scope became glasses-free. Some films, however, do enjoy a boost to visuals and 3D has been well implemented on a selection of titles. But much of the time we’ll totally forget we’re watching a 3D movie until something unpleasant is dangled in front of our field of vision – Piranha 3D springs to mind!

The poll’s result come at the same time as Sony has been reported to stop providing many cinemas with the free-to-use 3D glasses for movie-goers and instead an additional price would be added to the ticket price per 3D film – this is the case in a number of UK cinemas including Odeon. Many surveyed said they would avoid 3D films in the cinema entirely, because of the overinflated price that comes with a visit which includes being asked for up to an extra £2 to watch a film that’s been wrecked by 3D – and we dread to think if we left our specs at home. That’s another £2..

The full results of the 3D poll can be found on the YouGov website.

The Gadget Helpline is interested in hearing your thoughts on this much discussed subject. Is 3D the way forward for cinema, or just another fad that will soon pass?  Contact us via tweet on the Twitter or drop us a comment on our Facebook page!

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