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HP Touchpads Found Running Android On Ebay

HP’s Touchpads are like gold-dust at the moment – even more rare are Touchpads running on Android. But apparently they do exist and have been found on eBay.

HP Touchpad on Sale from $99

Reports have been surfacing online that several Touchpads bought on eBay have been running Android 2.2 Froyo and not WebOs.

They are thought to be prototypes, and the two units appeared on eBay and were immediately snapped up.  Both the Touchpads are carrying applications and software which point to them being Qualcomm-owned and were being used to test out the Touchpad’s capabilities.

In a series of videos the owners run through the features on board which included a vanilla version of Android 2.2.

They also show a series of advanced testing programs designed to test the screen and processor capabilities.

The Touchpad has been a runaway success ironically since it was canned last week and was sold in a firesale for a ridiculously cheap £89 for the 16 GB version.

HP has currently reported that whilst the tablet is now currently sold out in the UK after what was essentially a firesale, they have insisted that there would be more stock heading to the UK soon.

Have you picked up a cheap Touchpad this week? Did you buy it for the ability to put Android on it in the future ?

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